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Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

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Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813, also known as Mi Flash Tool 20210813, is a software developed by Xiaomi for Windows platforms.

It allows users to flash the stock firmware on their Xiaomi devices. It can help restore a device to its original settings, update its firmware, or solve software-related issues.

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 for Windows

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 is designed to help users flash the firmware on their Xiaomi devices, simplifying updating or restoring the device’s software. Whether troubleshooting software-related issues or seeking to upgrade your device, the Xiaomi Flash Tool offers a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Some of the Key features of the Xiaomi Flash Tool include:

  1. Firmware Flashing: This primary function enables the installation of firmware or ROM packages on your Xiaomi device. It’s a versatile solution for device upgrades or software issue resolution.
  2. In-built Drivers: To streamline your experience, the Xiaomi Flash Tool comes with pre-installed USB drivers such as the Google ADB Driver, Microsoft MTP and RNDIS Driver, and Qualcomm USB Serial Driver, eliminating the need for manual installations.
  3. Multiple Flashing Options: The Xiaomi Flash Tool offers various flashing options catering to diverse user requirements. These include ‘clean all’, ‘save user data’, and ‘clean all and lock’, granting you the flexibility to achieve your desired outcomes.
  4. Ease of Use: The tool is technologically advanced and user-friendly. Its straightforward interface ensures easy use, making firmware flashing accessible even for those less technologically adept.

Download Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

Name Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813
Type Flash Tool for Xiaomi Qualcomm Device
Developer Xiaomi Corporation
File Name
File Size 92.09 MB
Version 20210813
Supports Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813?

Xiaomi Flash Tool is a Windows application developed by Xiaomi Inc., a Chinese electronics company known for its smartphones and other smart devices. The Xiaomi Flash Tool is used for flashing firmware or custom ROMs onto Xiaomi devices.

How do I install the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813?

The Xiaomi Flash Tool is a portable application, eliminating the need for installation on your computer. Download the Flash Tool onto your computer, extract the contents, and open the XiaoMiFlash.exe file to launch the program.

How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813?

First, boot the device into Fastboot mode. Then, connect the device to the computer and launch the Xiaomi Flash Tool. Next, load the Firmware into the Flash tool and click the Flash button to begin the flashing process. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool to install Firmware.

Is Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 Free?

Indeed, the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 is completely free to use. This is because it is officially released by the Xiaomi community, specifically for the benefit of Xiaomi mobile users.

Is Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 Safe?

Indeed, the Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813 is entirely safe to use on computers, laptops, and Xiaomi mobiles. Moreover, as the Xiaomi community officially releases the Flash tool, it guarantees complete safety and security when utilized on your computer.

Where Can I find Xiaomi Firmware?

If you are looking for the original Xiaomi Firmware (Stock ROM), then head over to the Xiaomi Firmware website. is not affiliated or endorsed by Xiaomi Corporation | Hosted on Cloudways

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