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Download the Xiaomi Flash Tool, a product developed by Xiaomi Corporation. It helps to flash or install fastboot firmware on Xiaomi devices powered by Qualcomm Chipset. Consequently, it is compatible with all device models, both new and old, supporting the latest Xiaomi Flash Tool.

Xiaomi Flash Tool
NameXiaomi Flash Tool
TypeFlash Tool for Xiaomi Qualcomm Devices
DeveloperXiaomi Corporation
File NameMiFlash20220507.zip
File Size93.81 MB
SupportsMicrosoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
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Version 20220507

Other versions: v20220218 | v20210813 | v20210226 | v20200314 | v20191206


The Xiaomi Flash Tool is completely free, thus removing the necessity for any payment to utilize this tool.


The Xiaomi Flash Tools are 100% secure, as they are directly developed and provided by the Xiaomi Corporation.


The Xiaomi Flash Tool is compatible with Windows computers, supporting newer and older models and 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.


The Xiaomi Flash Tool is officially produced by the Xiaomi Community. It's publicly available for flashing firmware on Xiaomi devices.


The Xiaomi Flash Tools are compatible with all Xiaomi smartphones and tablets that operate on Qualcomm chipsets.


The Xiaomi Flash Tool shared on this page is consistently updated to ensure it remains at the latest version.


Why do we need Xiaomi Flash Tool?

The Xiaomi Flash Tool is a software utility developed by Xiaomi Corporation that allows users to flash or install firmware on Xiaomi devices, especially those powered by Qualcomm chipsets. This tool is essential for several reasons:

  1. Firmware Updates: The Flash Tool can flash new firmware or updates onto Xiaomi devices. These updates might include system updates or upgrades to various features, such as the camera or user interface.
  2. Device Recovery: If a device malfunctions or becomes "bricked" due to software issues, the Xiaomi Flash Tool can often restore it to a working state.
  3. Device Customization: Advanced users may use the Flash Tool to install custom ROMs or kernels, providing more control over the device's functionality and appearance.
  4. Bug Fixes: The tool allows users to fix bugs or software issues by installing an updated, bug-free version of the software.
  5. Performance Enhancement: Installing new firmware can often enhance the device's performance, including better battery life and system responsiveness.

Download Xiaomi Flash Tool

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Xiaomi Flash Tool 20220507

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20220218

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210226

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20200314

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Xiaomi Flash Tool 20180528

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How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool?

Follow the instructions below to utilize the Xiaomi Flash Tool for flashing or installing fastboot firmware (Stock ROM) on Xiaomi devices.

  1. Download and extract Xiaomi Flash Tool on the computer.
  2. Download the Stock Firmware (Fastboot Firmware) of your device and extract it on the computer.
  3. Power Off your Device.
  4. Xiaomi Power Off
  5. Press and Hold Volume Down + Power key at the same time for at least 6-8 seconds to enter into the Fastboot Mode.
  6. Xiaomi Fastboot Mode
  7. Once you have entered into the Fastboot mode, you will be able to see the following screen:
  8. Xiaomi Fastboot Mode Screen
  9. Connect the Xiaomi device to the Computer using the USB Cable.
  10. Connect Device to Computer
  11. Open Xiaomi Flash Tool and Locate the Firmware (that you have downloaded and extracted on the computer).
  12. Xiaomi Flash Tool Locate Firmware
  13. Click on the Refresh Button. This will allow Xiaomi Flash Tool to recognize the device.
  14. Click on the Flash Button to Begin the Flashing Process.
  15. Xiaomi Flash Tool Start Flash
  16. Once, flashing process is completed you will be able to see the Success Message in the Xiaomi Flash Tool.
  17. Xiaomi Flash Tool Success Congratulations! Your device is now rooted. You can verify the root status by using the Root Checker App from the Play Store.

Xiaomi Flash Tool – Help and Information

What is Xiaomi Flash Tool?

Xiaomi Flash Tool is a Windows application developed by Xiaomi Inc., a Chinese electronics company known for its smartphones and other smart devices. The Xiaomi Flash Tool is used for flashing firmware or custom ROMs onto Xiaomi devices.

For which platforms are Xiaomi Flash Tool available?

The Xiaomi Flash Tool is primarily designed for Windows operating systems. This tool enables users to flash firmware, install custom ROMs, and recover images on Xiaomi Android smartphones and tablets, all from the convenience of their computers.

Is Xiaomi Flash Tool free?

Indeed, the Xiaomi Flash Tool is completely free to use. This is because it is officially released by the Xiaomi community, specifically for the benefit of Xiaomi mobile users.

Is Xiaomi Flash Tool safe?

Indeed, the Xiaomi Flash Tool is entirely safe to use on computers, laptops, and Xiaomi mobiles. Moreover, as the Xiaomi community officially releases the Flash tool, it guarantees complete safety and security when utilized on your computer.

How often is the Xiaomi Flash Tool updated?

Xiaomi Corporation does not adhere to a fixed schedule when updating the Xiaomi Flash Tool. Instead, updates are issued as required to rectify bugs and improve the performance of the Flash tool. The responsibility of providing all these updates falls solely on Xiaomi Corporation.

How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool?

First, boot the device into Fastboot mode. Then, connect the device to the computer and launch the Xiaomi Flash Tool. Next, load the Firmware into the Flash tool and click the Flash button to begin the flashing process. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on How to use Xiaomi Flash Tool to install Firmware.

What devices does Xiaomi Flash Tool work with?

The Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool is designed to work with Xiaomi devices running Qualcomm processors. It's primarily used to flash the Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Does Xiaomi Flash Tool require an internet connection to use?

The Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool does not require an active internet connection to operate once you've downloaded the tool and the appropriate ROM for your device. You can use the tool to flash firmware files onto your device offline.

Does the Xiaomi Flash Tool come with built-in drivers?

Indeed, the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool comes with built-in drivers. These drivers are integral for the tool to communicate with the device and carry out tasks like flashing firmware. The included drivers are Google ADB Drivers, Microsoft MTP and RNDIS Driver, and the Qualcomm USB Serial Driver.

Where Can I find Xiaomi Firmware?

If you are looking for the original Xiaomi Firmware (Stock ROM), then head over to the Xiaomi Firmware website.

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